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Discover the SOPHIE Project Videos!

As part of our commitment to fostering inclusive and safe online learning environments, the SOPHIE consortium produced a series of videos. Created from the experiences gathered through the Sophie process, these four videos are designed to be of interest and utility for educators, families, and students.

Don't forget to turn on the subtitles!

1. Student Testimonials from the SOPHIE Project 📱🗣️

This video brings you the voices of students from l'Escola L'Esperança in Barcelona who've been part of the SOPHIE Project. From January to September 2023, they shared their experiences and insights about how the digital age affects their learning. They talk about dealing with online challenges, facing cyberbullying, and how technology has changed their education after the pandemic.

2. Insights from SOPHIE Project's Journey 🌐🦉

Jordi Bonus and Cristina Castellar, teachers at l'Escola L'Esperança, and Adrián Crescini, co-director at La Xixa and coordinator of the SOPHIE Project talk about their experience. They discuss how the project has brought together educators across Europe to tackle digital challenges that students face today. Starting after the pandemic, this initiative highlights the need for better digital literacy and safe online habits for young learners. It’s about sharing strategies and experiences to create a safer online space, emphasizing the vital role families and the educational community play in this effort.

3. 10 Tips for Families to Support Children in Digital Spaces 🏠💡

In an era where children and teens are increasingly intertwined with digital spaces, understanding and guiding their online interactions becomes paramount. Recognizing this, the SOPHIE Project has meticulously compiled a list of 10 essential tips for families. These recommendations are designed to foster meaningful conversations about the digital world, enhance emotional intelligence, and promote effective communication to navigate the challenges of digital well-being.

This valuable resource is the culmination of insights gathered from a survey of 90 professionals and 69 families, alongside pilot training programs. It addresses the specific needs and challenges identified across educational communities involved in the SOPHIE project in Spain, Greece, Italy, and Slovenia, ensuring a comprehensive and culturally sensitive approach to digital safety.

4. 10 Tips for Teachers to Promote Safe Digital Learning 💻🏫

The role of educators in facilitating a safe and inclusive digital learning environment cannot be overstated. With the understanding that students face varying levels of access to technology and digital literacy, this video presents 10 crucial tips for teachers. These guidelines are aimed at bridging the technological divide, ensuring equitable digital learning opportunities, and supporting students' overall digital well-being.

We hope you enjoy the videos!


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