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The SOPHIE Handbook is now available!

🎉GREAT NEWS 📘 The SOPHIE Handbook is now available! 🌟

🔗 Download for free at ⬇️

The objective of the SOPHIE handbook 📚 is to promote inclusive and safe access of primary school students to online learning by providing the resources and inspiration to:

  • Address transversally the specificities of peer-to-peer online violence (cyberbullying) to provide schools, families and children the necessary tools to identify and address situations of cyberbullying.

  • Involve actively teachers, educators and families in blended participant centred methods using non-formal approaches to skill and content building and learning.

  • Address online inclusion and safety through the use of theatrical tools to build the competences needed for critical learning in a digital environment: critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, conflict resolution, communicative skills, amongst others.

Inside the Handbook:

🔍 The results of the desk research, 20 good practices conducted by partners' organisations

🛟 Resources and guidelines for schools and families to identify and address the challenges of online learning.

💡 40 activities to build digital competence and resilience for inclusive and safe learning for students, families and teachers, including tested learning paths for every target group in each partners' country.

Feel free to use and adapt the activities and be sure to share the handbook with anyone who may be interested!


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