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SOPHIE Handbook Publication on Open Resources Platforms!

We are pleased to announce the publication of "Safe and Inclusive Online Learning for Primary School Students: The SOPHIE Handbook for Schools," now accessible on various educational resource platforms. This comprehensive guide is designed to support teachers, educators and other professionals in the educational sector, offering invaluable insights and strategies to enhance safe and inclusive online learning for primary school students.

Broadened Reach and Improved Accessibility

The distribution of the SOPHIE Handbook across multiple platforms has significantly expanded its accessibility. Educators and professionals can now easily download the handbook directly from channels they frequently use, ensuring it effectively reaches our target audience. These platforms include:

  • Erasmus+ platform A key hub for educational resources across Europe.

  • Edualter: Dedicated to promoting educational change and innovation.

  • Salto +: Supporting youth work and training at the European level.

  • EPALE (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe): A major resource for adult education.

  • OER Commons (Open Educational Resources): Providing freely accessible educational materials.

  • Biblioteca PDA Bullying: Focused on resources to prevent and address bullying in schools.

  • INTEF PROCOMUN (National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training): A pivotal platform for educational technologies and teacher training in Spain.

  • European School Education Platform: Serving educators across Europe with quality resources.

  • Partners' websites: Including La Xixa Resources, Symplexis, CESIE, which further extend our reach within their networks.

Publication and Reception

The SOPHIE Handbook was well-received across the regions where it was presented. Through the collaborative efforts of the SOPHIE project and our partner countries, the handbook was actively shared on our social media channels, creating a buzz and generating positive feedback from educators and stakeholders.

We are proud of this achievement and excited about the positive impact the SOPHIE Handbook will have on schools. By making this resource widely available, we are supporting the professional development of educators and enhancing the educational experience for students across Europe.

For more information and to download "Safe and Inclusive Online Learning for Primary School Students: The SOPHIE Handbook for Schools," navigate through the SOPHIE website and the Results Section.


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