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SOPHIE in La Xixa's Intercultural Forum Theatre Masterclass

During the Intercultural Forum Theatre Masterclass organised by La Xixa, held on November 18th, 2023, at Espai Jove la Fontana, Barcelona, the SOPHIE project took a significant step forward in integrating its key objectives into public discourse. This unique event provided a dynamic platform for the exploration and application of the project's key objectives within a participative community setting.

The masterclass enabled children and youth to actively engage in theatrical presentations. These performances served as collective reflections, highlighting the challenges associated with digital environments and screen usage. Through their artistic expressions, the participants shared personal experiences and concerns, thereby making the abstract notions of digital safety and media literacy tangible and understandable to the audience.

This artistic collaboration allowed for an exploration of digital practices, promoting safer and more inclusive online environments. By leveraging the power of theater, the masterclass highlighted the significant role that the arts can play in engaging communities on digital age complexities. La Xixa's organization of this event demonstrated a successful integration of educational goals with cultural expression, embodying the SOPHIE project's mission to enhance digital resilience and critical media literacy.


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