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SOPHIE Update: Achievements, Card Game, and Barcelona Gathering!

After a well-deserved holiday, we're back to school! As the new school year begins, we'd like to share with you the progress and news from the SOPHIE Project.

Completed Milestones and What’s Next

We're excited to announce that our pilot workshops for both students and families have been rolled out successfully across all our partner countries. This September, we'll wrap up the pilots with the teachers. At the same time, we’re pulling together our research findings, best practices, feedback from families and schools, learning paths, activities, and pilot experiences. All of this will feed into a comprehensive handbook for teachers, which we’ll be launching for free on the SOPHIE project website and our partners' sites in early 2024.

Digital Health Card Game for Families

In this digital age, kids and teens are always online, constantly pinged by phones, tablets, and other gadgets. It's not just about risks in schools; these online challenges seep into every part of their lives. Families are at the frontline, spotting potential online issues that might harm their kids and championing safer online habits.

Recognizing this, the Sophie team has rolled out the Sophie Card Game for Families. It's a fun, educational tool designed to spark discussions about digital health at home. With this game, we aim to:

  • Encourage conversations around the digital world's challenges.

  • Step into the shoes of different online roles, understanding varied perspectives.

  • Boost personal reflection, emotional intelligence, and clear communication.

  • Address concerns related to kids' digital well-being.

Download the Sophie Card Game for Families and more Sophie resources for FREE here

Consortium Meeting in Barcelona

The SOPHIE consortium met on the 26th and 27th of June in Barcelona. This meeting allowed us to assess the activities undertaken up to this point and prepare for the next phases of the project. It was an enriching experience, especially as we had the pleasure of visiting the FEP Escola L’Esperança, where we carried out activities, liaised with the teaching staff, and enjoyed an emotive image theater performance delivered by the students.

To stay up to date with the latest updates and resources from the SOPHIE Project, do visit our website ( regularly and follow us on social media (@sophie_erasmus)!


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