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Sophie Piloting Experience with Students in Barcelona

On 8 March, the first year ESO students of FEP l'Esperança joined by the team of La Xixa Teatre, presented their theatre play, the result of the training "Learning to learn in safe digital environments", within the context of the project SOPHIE.

During the training, various aspects of the online experience of children and young people were considered, such as online learning, relationships, social networks, cyberbullying and digital games and bets .

Using the methodology of journalistic theatre, the students chose to create a play about the risks, both economic and in the field of social relations, caused by online games and bets.

The presentation was attended by second-year ESO students from the same school, who also took part in some of the training sessions, as well as teachers and the students' families.  Thank you very much for taking part and generating an interesting debate about "digital life", which has allowed us to learn and continue building within the framework of the SOPHIE project!

SOPHIE does not end here! We continue with training for families and teachers!

If you are interested in this topic and want to participate, write to us!


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