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Xarxanet Interview Highlights SOPHIE Project's Impact

The Xarxanet Associacionisme platform in Spain has published on its website the interview with our colleague Daniela Eletti, form La Xixa Teatre, about the Sophie Project 'Safe and Inclusive Online Learning in Primary School' .

"We want to address early school leaving and promote digital inclusion, resilience and safety among students while actively involving families and teachers", expresses Daniela.

In the Sophie project we work together with La Xixa Teatre (coordinator) and FEP l'Esperança in Spain, Symplexis and the Interorthodox Centre of the Church of Greece, CESIE and Istituto Comprensivo "Cassarà-Guida" - Partinico in Italy, Inter-kulturo and Os Rudolfa Maistra Sentilj in Slovenia, to provide tools to adapt education and learning to the digital world. In addition, each participating organization has an educational center as a partnership, where the different actions of the project will be implemented.

During the coming months, various trainings will be carried out in each member country of the project using methodologies such as Theatre of the Oppressed, Participatory Action Research and Process Work, applied to critical Media Literacy and digital resilience.  You can check the article on Xarxanet's website!


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